• How To Go Plastic-Free

    How To Go Plastic-Free
    When it comes to our household purchases, plastic-free living has become a hot topic. With an expected truckload of plastic entering the ocean every single minute, it is time for us to start to move towards plastic-free living. In this blog, we look at 10 simple zero waste living alternatives you can start swapping in for your home. As Greta Thunberg said, ‘No one...
  • Plastic-Free Sponges

    Plastic-Free Sponges
    So, you’ve now started using Raindrop's zero-plastic cleaners and you’re becoming part of the solution to the world’s plastic waste problem. That’s great news. But wait a minute… What do you use to do all the wiping and scrubbing?  Chances are you do what millions of other people in the UK do and use the classic yellow and green kitchen sponge. Problem is, according to Recycle...
  • The plastic waste problem

    The plastic waste problem
    Plastic is a great invention. That may sound like a weird thing for us at Raindrop to say - after all we're in the business of making household cleaning plastic-free - but it is true.  In medicine, life-saving devices such as heart valves, incubators, and disposable syringes are made of plastic. Plastics are used in cars to reduce weight and increase efficiency, as well...
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