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If you’re wanting to test the waters to see if you could go plastic-free full time, Plastic-Free July is an excellent way to do just that. 

Although some people criticise it as only being one month out of twelve, Plastic-Free July serves a similar purpose to Veganuary. It allows people to try plastic-free alternatives to see how it affects their lifestyle before committing. We’re all human and old habits die hard, sometimes a month-long challenge is the perfect way to start a new lifestyle.

 We know that plastic pollution is incredibly damaging to our planet:

“There could be more plastics than fish in the ocean
(by weight) by 2050.”
Climate Change Commission

 “A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute” Greenpeace


120 million people join Plastic-Free July every year to change their lifestyle to do something about this crisis. The challenge isn’t to avoid plastic altogether, it’s to avoid using any single-use plastics in your day to day life.


How to prepare for Plastic-Free July

Zero plastic-waste alternatives to your regular products:

 Eco cleaning: we run Raindrop, plastic-free cleaning products that also emit less C02 into the environment. 3 months of cleaning is just £6.99, delivered.

 Shopping: instead of going to your local supermarket, try a zero-waste alternative. Our blog post here has a directory of plastic-free shops near you.

 Eco Clothing: did you know that you can buy clothing recycled from reclaimed ocean plastic? Waste2Wear has a great range and so does Adidas’s new initiative.

Eating out: this one is a challenge, as you’ll often not have full control over their waste management. There’s a useful list of waste-free restaurants here.

Makeup and beauty: Glow Organic has a great range of plastic-free makeup. It’s a good place to start for Plastic-Free July.

 Tea and coffee: Clipper makes excellent plastic-free tea bags (they’re organic too) and Percol makes zero plastic coffee. Both are available in most supermarkets.


Are your cleaning products free from plastic-waste? Raindrop cleans just as well as your regular brand, without the plastic waste.

Find out more.

Raindrop Plastic Free Cleaning


More from the blog on how to live a plastic-waste free lifestyle:

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